Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sangria, Saaaangria, Sanngrilia... stop at 2 glasses

Photo by Health.com

Sometimes I feel like such a slacker of a blogger.  Take my blatant theft of gorgeous photos when mine look like they've been taken by kodak instamatic..... in the dark...... from a moving vehicle.  I don't have giveaways because I don't have enough readers or posters to get companies to give me stuff to give away.  I have toyed with finding something to give away just to get people to leave comments.  How about.... I have a lovely siamese cat if you want her just post the answer to this question in the comment section.... "How would you treat a cat that attacks strangers, and wakes up sleeping babies?"  I have a lot of oh so tasty soy milk products if you want to answer the question "How long can Eileen go without dairy before she cracks and injects a wedge of brie into her veins?"  I have dust bunnies from under my bed if you would like to answer "Which natural disaster has struck Eileen's home in between having babies, returning to work, and taking finals for a Master's degree?"

Alas.... I don't think many people would want any of those things... I certainly don't at the moment.  I will probably change my mind about the cat eventually so maybe I should take her off the market.  She is awfully cute and sweet (to us anyway, to you?  Not so much but she loves us... and only us so you wouldn't want her).
photo by Lucinda's Legendary

I also never get into the groove and post green things for St. Patricks Day, or hamantaschen which has been gracing everyone's blogs this week, and I don't even post things that are in season.  No wonder I have no book deals or advertising people knocking on my door.

I did plan a lovely Spring dish that I wanted to share which is a spring salad with lardons and goat cheese blossoms which are so yummy and delicious I am jealous of my past diary-eating self.  And since they are so delicious and I cannot have them... you can't have them either because I am mean and spiteful, and refuse to make anythign with cheese in it as it would be torture to see and smell but not eat, and if I must be tortured I am taking you all with me!

Photo by Life Hack

I do however get into foods that FEEL a season.  Spring has taken its time coming to Nebraska this year and there is something about Sangria that makes me think of warm beaches, or breezy porches on calm, warm weekend evenings (more Summer than Spring but I think Mother Nature owes us at this point).  My batch of Sangria was just as  almost as gorgeous as these other photos, only the photos were not.  However, I am willing to bet mine tasted better because it was the best Sangria EVER.... everyone said so!  Of course they may have just been drunk, this stuff is sneaky and STR---OOO---NG!  Watch yourself.

Red Wine Sangria
adapted from Bobby Flay
**unless you are entertaining a large crowd a half recipe might be a good idea


2 bottles red Spanish table wine
1 cup brandy (I will cut this in half next time... just a touch strong for our needs)
1/2 cup triple sec
1 cup orange juice
1 cup pomegranate juice
1/2 cup simple syrup, or more to taste (equal parts sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves, cooled)
Orange slices
Apple slices
Pomegranate seeds


Mix all ingredients together and let stand in a tightly sealed container or pitcher for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator before serving.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Well not THAT face obviously... who would love that little cub-kins?

I meant the food we've been eating since I've been tending to the cub-kin in question.  That is the third child I've brought into this world and yet I forget.  I forget how exhausted I am.... how much I whine about being tired (it's a lot... a WHOLE lot), and how overwhelming it can be helping them adjust to life in the big (cold and snowy, and generally craptastic weathery) world.  I am in full swing right now.  Preparing for the end of a semester and the begining of my LAST CLASS, getting ready to go back to work on Monday (already, I mean isn't she like 4 hours old?) and trying to help her figure out that days are for playing and nights are for sleeping, not staring at the Mamma-lady smiling, although it is very cute and sweet I would prefer to do such things in the light of day, instead of by the humming glow of muted infomercials at 3am.

My husband has been cooking a lot lately and this past weekend he made a batch of chili from a new recipe, and it was good.  Sooooo good people I put it on my eggs the next morning... with a tortilla.  All it really needed was some shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream to make it complete, although I doubt it would help with it's visual appeal.

Alas... I still cannot have dairy so I had to make due... I know it's not pretty.  Sorry. Here let me make it up to you, and to remind myself that cheese isn't the best thing in the world... this hat is.