Monday, November 14, 2011

The Time Has Come the Walrus Said....for Chicken Pot Pie and a Move

And here is a peek at the first recipe posted on that media (all recipes from here are archived there as well Thank you Avery!)

Chicken Pot Pie.... simple, delicious, economic, make ahead, and freezable.  Quite possibly one of my new favorite meals.  Even the baby ate the filling and was none too impressed that I didn't give her any crust so after a large amount of whining she scored some of that too.

I am oh so happy to announce that the new web page is up.  It will take me awhile to figure things out since I am as technologically savvy as the Amish.  To be honest they might be offended by that because they are probably more up to date than I am.  However.....  I have heard that the blogspot page has some serious issues, especially with comments and I know with formatting so I am very happy to finally have a page of my own.

And just because I love you I have made it more easy than: coulisandcompote.longestblognameinhistory.somethingorother.....

It is simply...

It has been so nice that you have all come here to share my love of food... now go on over there and keep going.  I am hoping to get a multi-tab thing going eventually to separate out the kid food from the adult food, but for now there will probably be a little mix.  Rest assured I will not try to feed you Millet with Zucchini Puree... well not yet anyway... come back and see me when you're 110.