Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bobby Long... Food for the soul

I haven't cooked anything so I have nothing to post.  However despite not feeding my body (or family... oops) I did a little heart and soul feeding this weekend.  Gregg and I went to see Bobby Long play in Kansas City.  That unassuming, charming young man up there is almost solely responsible for my playing guitar.  I was listening to some of his music when he caved to his friends and played a cover of Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice.  I am a huge Dylan fan but when you combine that with a much younger, better looking Brit... well.... everything is better with a British accent no?  Well there was no cracking at this show.  Not even when Yours Truly yelled out that he should play it.  Did I mention the show was delayed and we were there having drinks or a total of FIVE HOURS before he came on stage? 

So this photo is actually from Nashville back in April, because we saw  him at the Record Bar while in KC, and the Record Bar is very dark, insanely dark... pitch black dark aside from some orange back track lighting (true story).  My camera was not a fan of the location.

He played some of his new music which was awesome and a little more kickass than some of his older stuff, (not that I don't love most of his stuff, because I do).  You will too, you should check him out.  Seriously... there is no recipe here... get off and go look him up.  You can listen to him free on myspace, or buy his stuff on itunes, I recommend buying it.  Let me know if you become a convert, I am keeping track of how many people I can turn on to his music.  So far I have personally created 5 freaks that I know about, and infected the Hawaiin islands with Bobby Long-lust as well.

PS... the loving husband talked Mr. Long's  very funny manager, Phil, into having Bobby come out after the show to meet me, and sign my guitar strap.  Love it. You're dismissed.... go, google, enjoy!


  1. What a great post! I got it in a Google Alert for Bobby Long. He's one of my favorites and even though I have seen him live 6 times, I am always blown away by how amazing he is. I see him again on Thursday. :)

    Woohoo for turning people into Bobby fans! I am on a mission, too. lol

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  2. That is very funny... I have heard of The Land of Dreamers, and actually spoke to a few of you before the Nashville show. I never did make it to your table (we were running late). Keep up the good work :)