Monday, November 8, 2010

Do Foodbloggers get bye weeks?

The Sweet Potato Pie Cheesecake I was going to recreat from my birthday... FAIL... still haven't even found a recipe

I'm not sure of the rules.  In fact I am so out of touch with sports I don't even know if I spelled that correctly.  What I do know is I have been feeling slightly uninspired lately caught up in the novelty of being able to cook at all.  I have given into my lazy ways and fallen back on tried and true and simple dishes to get us through the week.  I had class all weekend so the things I had planned on cooking.  Red Bean Lentil Soup, Flour's Sticky Buns, and Pioneer Woman's Ginger Steak Salad (which was a remake as I made it last week and it was great) all fell to the curbside in favor of take out tacos, and gasp McDonald's eaten in the car on the way to a Friday night class.  Oh I paid dearly for that in heartburn levels let me tell you.

Picture of Flour's Famous Sticky Buns Recipe
The Sticky Buns from Flour (image stolen from Food Netowork)  All the ingredients, including $10 worth of pecans are sitting in my cupboard and fridge as I type, and yet no sticky bun has graced our table yet.

The only decent thing I ate at all this weekend is the leftover chicken and pasta that I am eating at this very moment from last night when my husband threw together a last minute meal when he couldn't bear the idea of pizza for dinner.  If I had any technological ability I could post a picture of it from my phone as it is lovely, but I don't, so I can't.  I didn't see him make it but it looks like and tastes like it has fresh garlic, grape tomatoes, capers, and rosemary.  Thin chicken lightly floured, white wine,and pasta.  Safe and delcious.

This one is perfect for my friends with families and busy lives.  I can't wait to post this one.

I also made a delicious enchillada casserole from my cooking class last week (or was it two weeks ago), that taught us how to make home made tortillas and a super quick and easy casserole with fresh enchillada sauce (which was made with tomato sauce, chili powder, and water... that's it, that's all), but I didn't take any pictures of the homemade tortillas and that's the most important part so that recipe since I'm sure even the most inexperienced person can open a can of tomatoes and add some water.  That will be coming in the near future.  Quick, non-processed, cheap, and tasty.... why didn't I take a photo of the tortilla... WHY? 

He wanted to check that it was a good pumpkin by knocking on it

So this week was a culinary failure aside from the small victory that everyone was fed and lives to see another week where there may be tasty treats on the horizon.  Until then I have to get by nibbling on cute little people, like this one here that is still talking about the pumpkin patch where this was taken.  Best day off I've spent in a long time.  Check back soon, maybe I will make a new batch of tortillas or a sweet batch of crack soon.  I mean sticky buns.

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