Monday, January 11, 2010

My aching head!

I just want to say to my mother friends out there.  You are strong, you are loving, you are amazing, and if you're anything like me... you are EXHAUSTED!

We started this weekend with a quick (2 hour) trip to the ER Friday night for Michael's (age 19 months) first CAT scan.  We were simply having a forbidden dinner of chicken nuggets and french fries.  Michael sat strapped into his booster seat, which was strapped to the kitchen chair.  In the blink of an eyes feet onto the table and pushed off, as he does almost every night.  However, this particular night we were in the dining room, not the kitchen, and he was on carpet, not tile.  Over went the chair, out came the scream, and the gigantic goose egg.  I immediately fell apart called 911, and my husband who was out at a banquet. Before you think I'm too much of a freak we had recently covered  case where a child had head trauma and is now in a vegetative state, so while not likely it was the first thing I thought of.

The nice dispatcher told me I could drive him to the hospital myself or the ambulance could transport him.  After attempting to put my jacket and his jacket on at the same time while shaking and almost crying I realized I probably shoudn't drive.  I re-called 911 and asked for an ambulance.  They came to the house in about 5 minutes, looked at him and said he was okay, but we should take him to the emergency room.  This calmed my nerves enough to allow me to drive him to the ER.  By the time we reached the ER, he had a considerable lump but had stopped crying completely and started asking for cows which is a good sign as he always asks for cows.  Don't ask we don't know why.  A complete exam and a CAT scan later, he was pronounced fine.  I on the other hand am still waiting to be fine.

All of this brings me to my rambling point.  I'm tired.  Being a parent will bring you to a point of exhaustion you never thought possible either physically or emotionally.  I hear my friends talk about the care their animals require.  It's not the same.  I hear them talk about how they were up half the night.  It's not the same.  They went to class, they work three jobs, they have no car, they have a needy friend.  I can only tell you... it's no where near the same.  I can say this because I have done all of the above and never have I been so tired in my life.  Although tired doesn't quite describe it.  Exhausted, that describes it.  Or maybe it's because I ended this weekend with 4 hours of sleep.  Could be either one.

However, after pouring through this stack of recipes.....

I feel even more tired.  These are all the recipes that I have decided I would  make only to print, store, and weed through time and time again.  Throwing out the recipes I have decided that no longer sound good, have already been made, or put in the keep file and I am still left with that stack up there.  Here is the stack of recipes I have actually cooked and decided were good enough to make again.....

Would this make you want to cook?

That daunting pile along with having lost my photo card last week which contained a few blogs just made me want to give up.  All the projects I want to do that go undone are draining.  The only thing to do with this is to let 2009 go by showing you a few photos of the stuff that I have made and never blogged about mostly because as you can tell I never took the final picture.  I have a bad habit of letting that pesking time/family get in the way of my food photos.  Really people and their hungry bellies.... the nerve. 

I also have a problem with the food looking like regular old food becauses I have never taken a food styling course, food photography course (or photography of any kind actually... eek), nor do I paint, flame, or torch food to make it look more appetizing.  What you're seeng is probably the dish about 2 minutes before I eat it.  Okay, I never garnish  my plates unless I plan on photographing it, or serving it at a dnner party, but considering how busy my schedule is this year that may have to go on the resolution list for next year.

I have been sluggish with the food blog so far this year and I really just want to let go of the past and move on as I have many yummy ideas in store for 2010.  Here we go... a glimpse into the food folder that is begining to take over my computer.  If you see anything you want let me know, I'll send you the recipe.  Onto better things.... PS.  I set up the recycling for our house.... project green is in motion!

leftover mashed potatoes become breakfast potato pancakes

cibatta, with eggs, bacon or chiorzo, and that olive oil with green onions and
red peppers was served with the above potatoes as a breakfast panini

the failed meatballs from Christmas vacation... I had such high hopes

Called the perfect roast chicken it is delicious
but as you can see this is before it was cooked

Indian spiced rice... this may make another appearance in 2010 because it is that good.  The time I made it and brought it to my cousins house I found her eating it with a fork directly from the container standing in the doorway of the refrigerator at 8am.

and last but not least... these turned out to be sweet pickled eggs, onion, and beets, when what I wanted was spicy pickled eggs.  Not bad but not at all what I was hoping for.  Next time................................................

Pretty though.  Next up.... a note worthy condiment for pork loin.  Yum!

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