Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh the joy of finals and Smitten Kitchen

If you've been paying attention you would know that it is finals week.  And while that wasa nightmare back as an undergraduate, as a graduate/working full-time/Mother and wife.... it's a little ridiculous.  I'm trying to be a more positive person so I will just say.... I am out of time. 

However I am still on my no processed foods kick and I don't think the family should go hungry just because I'm busy and neither should you.  PS... look at the food you get to eat when you give up frozen chicken nuggets and tater tots

Some kind of Spanish dish my husband made for us when I had class last Saturday... yum

Apples that are bigger than your head

Lumpias from the Farmer's Market, which I now will have to make after finals are over

Pico di Gallo, an accompaniment to the Carna Asada Tacos

Green Juice every morning for antioxidants and energy... it's actually pretty good... the baby likes it, bad photo but you get the idea... it's green

and finally..... the one meal I've actually made other than vats of green juice...

Shakshuka.... OMWord....

Shakshuka takes very little time to make, was a  big hit, was a little something different for brunch but could easily be a dinner egg dish, and was A- MAZING as almost all things Smitten Kitchen are.  I love that blog, I cook from it just about every week, but I didn't make this dish to actually blog it was just fantastic and the meal that sticks out for me from this week.  Please click this handy little link to bring you to the recipe.
Besides it's just fun to say.

So if you think eating all fresh food is really difficult take a look above while I smile and say... oh yeah... it's rough.

Deb from Smitten Kitchen says to serve this with pita... .which is easy for her to say, she lives in NYC.  You can get pita anywhere.  We live in the middle of nowhere with limited Greek and Middle Eastern places, and the husband couldn't find a decent pita (he's from Montreal, he knows his pita).  However, I did have this bread left over from the Farmer's Market the day before.  I toasted it lightly at 350, drizzled it lightly with olive oil, threw some ripped up golden oregano from my new planter courtesy of Nelly's Nest... which I would link here if my friend would get off her bum and make a link for her antique store, and then grated some fontina and threw it back in the oven... which I then promptly forgot I had made so you can see it's a little overcooked but still tasted fabulous... and now I can't image eatin the Shakshuka any other way.

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