Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Braised Brussel Sprouts... Give Them a Chance

I'm going to do a search, and the search is going to say.... Find me a good looking brussel sprout.  I'm fairly convinced they don't exists.  These, like their deep fried counterparts from a few months back are both  hideous.  They didn't even look good on Smitten Kitchen's website... well I  mean they looked good to eat but they weren't lookers per se.

And there you go... these are fabulous, you should try them.  Even if you don't like brussel sprouts you will like these.  Between this recipe and the deep fried brussel sprouts I am becoming a convert... and I'm also very sick, and so is everyone else in the family... sick people don't like to talk about food.  Even delicious brussel sprouts.  I even have the ingredients in the fridge to make these again and I'm too sick to get off the furniture and make something to eat.  Don't be me... get in your kitchen and make these.  Feel free to leave out the breadcrumbs, I didn't find they added anything to the dish and plan on skipping them next time.

I'm so bad... click here.  Then I don't have to copy the recipe :)

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