Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mad Hatters and a Head Decor Giveaway

This is the hat I picked out to wear to the royal wedding, alas, my invitation must have been lost in the mail.  Great hat though eh?  I am a closet fashionista.... closested because I like to sit in my closet amongst my pretty shoes.... no not really.  Closet because I cannot afford my own taste, and I have no occasion to wear any of it anyway as I am a: scientist, mother, tired wife and homecook, and live in Nebraska.  I did wear a lovely fascinator once when I went out to dinner with my friend and people couldn't even pretend not to stare.  Can't wait until they see the feather jobby I just purchased for the Kentucky Derby!

I have spent the week avoiding studying by trying to find a great hat to wear for the Derby, and much to my dismay we couldn't agree on anything, me and my wallet that is, but I do adore great and crazy hats.  Seeing the wedding footage only fed my addiction.  Let's look at the yes and nos for the day.

Claudia Braby

I want to like it.  It has the whispy feathers I love and little curly q things (see I'm very knowledgeable about millinery) however I think there is a Who in Whoville somewhere that may have woken up bald and confused this morning.  This is a no.

Victoria Beckham

Posh indeed.  Posh flight attendant on a space craft maybe.  I do secretly love it, but my husband said but this is a no as well.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Princess Anne

Princess Anne.... ahhhh No, and veto on the jacket as well.  Sophie? No.  Well maybe if we cut off the antenae... ahh still no.. hmm... yeah no, just no.

And the worse.... the worst of the worse... the dynamic duo of bad hats....

Princess Eugenie of York, and Princess Beatrice of York

Greetings Earthlings....Ladies... follow these simple instructions.  Reach into your bag.  Pull out your cell phone.  Avoid all looks from the people attending the reception with you at this very moment.  Dial your stylist.  Repeat after me... YOU ARE FIRED.  Apologize to the world at large for exposing them to these hideous creations and go kick the designers in the shin while you're at it.  BIG NO on these two.  And I hate to say it but apparently William and Harry got the looks out of the family... all I can think of when I see these two is the Ugly Stepsisters.  Although it could just be the hats are that bad.
Queen Margreth II of Denmark

Little sprial thingys I love... check... cute little woman... check... classy and yet fun... check.  Color... ehhhhh not a fan of the color but it seems popular among the royals so she's in.  One yes for the Royal team.

These three are apparently cousins of William

All three get a yes ... well the snow fairy (the blond with the pink hat and the black dress) maybe borderline now but she gets a buy because of her friends good taste.  Three yeses.

Maria Fogle

I have no idea who these people are just to let you know... but this is  a great hat and nice to see someone wearing some color.... however her husband needs to note that he should match his wife as it's easier for men, so no electric blue tie when your wife wears green, k there bud?  Another yes.... and P.S. after the wedding please send this hat to me.

Princess of Kent

I find this is perfection.  Something about it speaks to me.  It seems so put together, so regal, so age appropriate, and lovely.  Love, love, love this whole get up.

Sophie Winkleman

And love this as well.  Simple lines yet not boring.  Please see Ms. Fogle after the ceremony to save on shipping the hats together.

Another of my picks for myself

Here is another option I loved but later decided was too old for me.  And I was right... see who else loves this hat.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

Here she is for the wedding... but wait a minute.

Here she is in June of 2009.... and

July of 2009.... psst... Camilla.  I don't want to be rude or anything but ummmm your husband's son... you know the future King of England, is getting married today... maybe this is not the time for repeats.

Whatever... love the hat, but will remember not to order it for myself for another 30 years.

Zarra Philliips

And lastly... hmmmmm looks pretty much like the hat I picked in the begining doesn't it only no feathers.  I think I like this one better but I can assure you it is probably out of my price range whereas I can afford the top one, even if it's not practical for me to do so.

Anyone have any opinion out there about the wearing of hats and fasciantors?  Leave a comment about your opinion on whether we should bring hats back or maybe a comment about your favorite or worse hat of the day.  Winner will be selected by a random number generator on let's say.... May 14th.  That should give people enough time to comment.  Sorry I've never had a giveaway not sure of proper protocol.  One entry per person please.  You may select your choice of something like the following (unfortunately there aren't gift cards for Etsy so if these particular items sell we may have to substitute a color, but I've contacted the store owners in hopes of securing them.....

By Featherbrain


  1. I would LOVE to wear hats and I would love to see American women embrace the tradition! I have a baptism to attend in June and was acutally thinking of wearing something fancy. I do agree with all your comments on the above photos. I think my fav is probably the Princess of Kent. :)

  2. I like the the hats you picked, and agree with you on the losers....but then again, I think Camilla's a loser with or without the hat. Also, those princess sisters, what the heck were they thinking??? There was another one I saw somewhere, this woman wore royal blue. I mean a royal blue dress, royal blue hat, royal blue GLOVES and a royal blue clutch. It was horrible. Put me in for the headwear, I'm totally down to rock it. Should go well with my day-glo hair... :)

  3. Ummmmmm....pretty sure you know how much I love hats! I hated HATED that pink bow in front freak thing! I swear I'm going to be daring and wear one a huge one soon!

  4. I wish that these type of hats were more accepted in everyday activities. I love the smaller headbands that still have the little feathers. The second to last picture is my favorite

  5. I loved the parade of hats today. They were a show in themselves. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. I think Maria Fogle's was the best by far. It would have been made better by not being so...beige.

    As for Princess Beatrice of York, she's a repeat offender:

  7. I think my least favorite is Claudia Braby...I like feathers but it looks like a chicken is nesting on her head.
    My favorite is the one on the far right in the photo of the three cousins of prince william's

  8. Wow! Did Princess Bea really wear that? It looks she took an ugly cake decoration and stuck it on her head.